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AUDITION: We're Casting!

We are casting on Saturday January 24th for a couple of upcoming projects we're preparing for. Here is everything you need to know:

Production Title: Short Films 
Production Type: Independent
Audition Date: Saturday, January 24th 2015
Audition Time: 10:00am
Production Location: Kenya
Shooting Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Audition Location: THE NEST. House Number 4, Jabavu Maisonettes. Jabavu Road (opposite Kilimani Police Station). Taking public transport? Take a 46, alight at the Kwality stage then walk along Rose Avenue towards Kilimani Police Station.
Call Backs: Wednesday, January 28th 2015


Shiro couldn't afford to go to college after high school. She works odd jobs to sustain her family. She lives with her mother and kid brother. She just broke up with her abusive boyfriend Kama who is now a wanted criminal. She wants a better life for herself. 

[RAS] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 24-28]:
Ras is an ex-convict. Circumstances have forced him back into crime. He has managed to keep a low profile by avoiding crime jobs that attract too much attention from the police. In the crime-world, he is a rat. He secretly admires Shiro.

Single mother. She sells vegetables at the market on market days and hawks second hand clothes in estates. She is a devoted Christian.

 [EXTRAS] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 25-35]:
These are men given orders to assassinate criminals. They are proud of their job.

[ERIC] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 18-30]:
A paranoid young man who doesn't have any fight in him.

[JAMES] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 20-40]:
A no-nonsense, middle-aged man who has little patience for the frivolous.

[JACK] [GENDER: MALE] [AGE: 20-30]:
An arrogant, uncivil, hyper youth with a tendency to veer toward violence.