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Tuesday Night Magic at The Binyavanga Fundraiser!

We are so, so, so, so delighted and proud of everyone who came for the fundraiser for the Binyavanga Wainaina Medical Fund yesterday night! What a magical night! So much love, and laughter and many hugs! In total we all managed to raise KES 332,026 for the fund! Woohoo!

We want to say many, many thanks to everyone who came and gave not just money, but spirit and laughter and love. We want to say a BIG thank you to all the artists who performed during the night: Jarel, Don Ngatia, Kaz, Mayonde and surprise guests Juliani, Dan "Chizi" Aceda and Muthoni the Drummer Queen. We also want to thank the wonderful guitarists Sam Ngugi, Ken-Albert Orwa and Ken Lucas for providing backing for all the performances. Special thanks go to super-talented artist and illustrator Naddya for auctioning one of her beautiful paintings for the fund.

We're so very proud and honored to have had you over to join us in sending good hope and cheer to Binyavanga! Thank you, and get well soon Binyavanga!