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The Nest Collective at the Nairobi VR Hackathon

NBO Hackathon 2.jpg

This month, our very own Noel, Mars and Jim were in Naivasha to speak at the Nairobi VR Hackathon facilitated by Electric South and NBO Story Lab. Participants at the five-day VR hackathon were filmmakers and journalists from across East Africa - Kenya, Somalia, Tanzania, Sudan and Uganda - and this year’s focus was on 360° video production with a focus on journalism and non-fiction storytelling.

We spoke regarding the technical challenges we faced while making of ‘Let This Be A Warning’ as well as the political and social context within which the work was framed and presented, and we also got a chance to see the short 360 videos the participants had shot during their stay at the hackathon.

It was also great to have a discussion with one participant - Tulanana Bohela - who has the somewhat intimidating task of figuring out what the Swahili word for 'virtual reality' will be back home in Tanzania!