Stories of Our Lives: Case Dropped

We can now announce that after numerous consultations with the Department of Film Services, the case against the NEST Collective - represented by George Gachara, the NEST Programs Director and Executive Producer of Stories Of Our Lives - for shooting the film without a license has been dropped.

This, however, does NOT alter the restriction on the exhibition, sale and distribution of Stories Of Our Lives in Kenya, placed by the Kenya Film Classification Board on 2nd October 2014 for containing “obscenity, explicit scenes of sexual activities” and “promoting homosexuality which is contrary to our national norms and values”.

Notwithstanding, we have continued to work with both state bodies on subsequent productions. Our most recent production, the fashion short “To Catch A Dream” was granted a filming license by the Department of Film Services and classified for screening (16+) by the Kenya Film Classification Board.

We are grateful to our team of lawyers for helping us navigate difficult situations, and to all the concerned friends and supporters who helped us along the way. The film continues to screen in various festivals worldwide.

INTERVIEW: Telling Kenya's Queer Stories

Interview with the Design Indaba squad about agency, personhood and collaborative filmmaking:

The true stories of the Kenyan queer experience are seldom heard, and by “true”, we mean stories of love, and family, and hope, and difficulty - stories that all human beings share. The narratives that have so often taken centre stage include the pathologised NGO tales that can depict the homosexual person only as a vector of disease, or hyper-sensationalised media reports and outing people to stir up scandal...In the face of all these things, it is essential to hear the voices of the African community telling their own stories as people, and so reclaim the dignity, agency and personhood that all these other narratives have taken away. It’s pretty basic – that LGBTI people are people.