The Nest Collective

The Nest Presents: Legacy (2013)

Compilation album by the Nest Collective

The Nest Presents: Legacy—A Compilation Album (2013)

Our first music project: the culmination of a challenge we gave to young Kenyan singers to cover eight popular Kenyan pop songs released before the year 2010.

Production Credits—

Recorded and produced at the Nest by Jim Chuchu.
Featuring: Jarel, Pauline Ayuko, Lisa Oduor-Noah, Miami Silas, Diana Nduba, Patricia Kihoro, Winnie Chris.


Music Videos—


Music video to accompany Jarel's performance of 'Mwewe' from the Legacy project. Dan created a tribute to all his childhood friends who "lost their lives to mobs of angry, scared people, without a chance to redeem themselves".
WARNING: Viewer discretion advised. Contains scenes of a disturbing nature.

Production Credits—

Directed and Edited by Dan Muchina/Abstract Omega
Starring Fardun Gharb, Rosemary Njoki, Ian Thiong'o, Godfrey 'Chyf' Muriira,
Kenneth Kimathi and Daniel Kamau
Produced by Wangechi Ngugi

Lisa Oduor-Noah—Ndai

Dan created this tribute to the aspirations and nightmares of a city where everyone wants a car, everyone wants a house, and we'll do whatever it takes to get them.

Production Credits—

Directed and Edited by Dan Muchina/Abstract Omega
Featuring Lisa Oduor-Noah
Makeup: Bellesa Africa
Styling: Sunny Dolat