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EXHIBITION: The NEST Collective at the Design Indaba Expo 2015


Sunny and Wangechi from the NEST Collective will be presenting our work as part of the "Africa Is Now 2015" exhibition, a Design Indaba project introducing the work of five dynamic art collectives from across the African continent. The exhibition, a central feature at Design Indaba Expo 2015, shifts the focus from products to the people and processes behind the creation of new work.

Our latest fashion short - To Catch A Dream - and costumes and accessories from the film will be on display at the exhibition, together with a curated sample of all our previous works in film, music and other mediums. Do visit the Africa is Now exhibition on the Expo floor and say hello at the Events Arena on Saturday 28 February at 12:30 and Sunday 1 March 13:30.

Stories of Our Lives will also be screening at the Design Indaba Film Fest on the 27th of February. Ticketing and venue details here.