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AUDITIONS: We're Casting!

We are casting on Saturday August 22th for a couple of upcoming projects we're preparing for. Here is everything you need to know:

Production Title: 'THE POLITICS' (working title)
Production Type: Independent
Audition Date: Saturday, August 22nd 2015
Audition Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm
Call Backs: Wednesday, August 26th 2015
Production Location: Kenya
Shooting Location: Nairobi, Kenya
Audition Location: 23 Gatundu Road


JACKIE: A twenty-three year old who could pass for twenty, Jackie is a laid back girl with nothing much to fuss about even when there is. Excellent poker face.

DOCTOR: A gentle, slightly awkward man in his mid-thirties.

FABIAN: In his forties, Fabian [Jackie’s Father] is the diplomat of the house who, every chance he gets, sides with his wife but makes an effort to remain friendly with his daughter.

MELISSA: Melissa [Jessica’s Mother] is in her mid to late-thirties. Like her daughter, she never raises a fuss, directly.

BEVERLEY: Due to the length and quality of their friendship, Beverley and Jessica are plenty comfortable with each other with nothing to prove. They merely enjoy each others company.

TIMOTHY: A year or two younger than Jessica, Timothy thinks he fancies the girl. Whenever around her, he copies her trademark laid back demeanor hoping she might take interest in him.

PAUL: A shy boy of about eighteen who keeps to himself but is pretty polite. Comfortable as a third-wheel.

GWENDOYLYN: A pleasant witty girl who’s constantly taking jabs at anyone in close proximity.

HILDA: Hilda, 22, is another longtime friend of Jessica’s. They usually find themselves having long conversations due to their similar take on things.

Short sections of the script will be provided to participants at the audition venue.


Taking public transport? Use the 48 route, alight at the Kenya High/Kiosk stage. A white sign reading ‘23 Gatundu Road’ is approximately 50 meters from the stage. See map below:


For more information, call +254 20 263 4428, or email