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REVIEW: Not African Enough via M.Bassy
In the fashion industry, there is hardly consensus as to what constitutes ‘African’ design. So far, the mantra has been: if it looks ‘African’ it probably is (and vice versa). But there is more than meets the eye. The NEST collective, the creative tour-de-force based in Nairobi, has complied a formidable rejoinder to the assembly of words, images, sounds, ideas, weaknesses, and histories that feed the super-concept of Africa. The book, entitled Not African Enough, is both just-in-time and long overdue. The fusion of a look-book angle, an anthological approach, candid designer accounts and the typical aesthetic rigour of the NEST Collective makes for a sleek and infinitely delightful ensemble.
— Eric Otieno/M.Bassy