The Nest Collective

Not African Enough: A Fashion Book (2017)

Not African Enough—A Fashion Book (2017)

"Not African Enough" is a derogatory term routinely lobbed at African designers who step outside the narrow confines of what the world—and Africans—are told it means to dress, talk, think and be like an African. This book asserts our right to be more than enough.

Not African Enough presents a collection of words and images from a selection of emerging Kenyan designers who are contributing to the shifting aesthetic of our country. Under the creative direction of collective member Sunny Dolat, the Nest Collective has spent the past two years exploring the idea of what constitutes Kenyan fashion with a crop of contemporary Kenyan fashion designers. Theirs is a story of challenging the narrow expectations of what African design looks like, and intellectually and aesthetically engaging their consumers—and indeed contemporary culture—with their work.

Featured Designers

Adele Dejak, Wambui Kibue, Anyango Mpinga, Ami Doshi Shah, Ambica Shah, Katungulu Mwendwa, Munga, Kepha Maina, Ogake Mosomi, Namnyak Odupoy, Firyal Nur Al Hossain, Wambui Mukenyi and design duo M+K (Muqaddam Latif and Keith Macharia)

Commissioned Photographers

Maganga Mwagogo, Joseph "Nabster" Chege, Thandiwe Muriu and Sarah Waiswa.

Not African Enough, is both just-in-time and long overdue. The fusion of a look-book angle, an anthological approach, candid designer accounts and the typical aesthetic rigour of the NEST Collective makes for a sleek and infinitely delightful ensemble.
— M. Bassy