The Nest Collective

When We Are/When We Are Not (2016)

Four unsettled sojourners seek a freedom beyond the frame. Whether in outdoor vistas, opulent interiors or candlelit, meditative moments, in solitude or gathered together, the regal demeanor of the four belies a definite, dignified discontent, and their simmering intentions remain un-shared and unexplored. Through the eyes of the elegant wanderers, the collective explores the secrets of insatiable black African ambition and a growing restlessness with the trappings of prescribed earthly liberty.

When We Are/When We Are Not—A Photo/Video Series (2016)

"If you want [people] on your side, your protest must be a...display of respectability. Failing to adhere to these rules of can get you killed, but at least [people] will remember you fondly in death". The collective explores public black silence and stillness. Even when still, are our bodies always, ever in dissent?


"Afroglossia", Performa 17, New York (2017)
"Black Fantasia", Kunsthal Charlottenborg (2016)
"The Nest Collective", East Africa Focus, FNB Joburg Art Fair